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I want to make a scented oil in a roll on bottle. I read you could use FCO with FO, but would I need to add a preservative to this? I know it has a long shelf life, but I don't want it to go rancid or whatever FCO does lol. I'm new to this. I had something saved that discussed when to use preservatives and which to use, but I couldn't find anything specific to what I'm doing. It was mostly for lotions and scrubs. Any help would be appreciated. Or if anyone else could offer some nice alternatives to this "recipe" in the recipe section, that would be great :drool:

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Jenna, you don't need a preservative for a recipe without water. FCO is an idea choice as the shelf life is practically infinite. If you choose to, here is a suggestion from www.the-sage.com:

Preservative, LiquaPar Oil


LiquaPar is a preservative for sugar scrubs, salt scrubs and other products. LiquaPar Oil can be used in anhydrous mixtures (no water) and simple emulsions. LiquaPar Oil is effective against yeast, mold and gram-positive bacteria. Always have your formulations tested for preservative efficacy before taking them to market. LiquaPar Oil is a mixture of Isopropylparaben (and) Isobutylparaben (and) Butylparaben. For your scrubs and butters that have no water we suggest using LiquaPar Oil at a rate of 1% by weight. LiquaPar Oil can be used with other preservatives as well. Preservative efficacy testing is the only way to be sure your usage rate is adequate.

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