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ISO After Shave Recipe


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I was searching for the exact same thing last week since I made my husband a bay rum scented shaving soap & then he requested some kind of after shave. I found this on one of the other boards and made it the next day after picking up some aloe vera gel at the health food store.

This is for a 1oz bottle (adjust amounts accordingly for larger bottles)

2/3 aloe vera gel (the thick store bought kind not the stuff straight from

the leaf)

add a couple drops of glycerin(optional)

a few drops of fo.

Fill the bottle with witch hazel and shake. I don't add a preservative.

The aloe gel has some and the witch hazel has alcohol.


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I tried this last night and am very curious--was yours really thick? The recipe said the glycerine was optional and I didn't have any and all the health food store had was a large bottle, so I didn't use it--that may have thinned it.

Anyway, mine was so very thick and the gel left a residue when I tried it on my hand, so I just kept taking out parts of the aloe and replacing it with witch hazel. I have no idea what my final recipe was, but I ended up with 8 ounces instead of 4 ounces, because I would move the extra aloe to another bottle.

I can't wait to see what DH thinks of it--I fixed him a basket with that and some soaps in the scent he likes.

Thanks for the recipe and I'm interested to see if yours turned out thick or if the glycerine made a difference. And maybe some after shaves are thick, but what DH uses is always watery, so this may have been for a different kind.

Thanks again,


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