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Wax for mottles/rustic


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I was wondering it you need a special wax for these or can both soy and parafin work?

I tried a rustic using soy a couple of days ago, added some steric, cold mould, water bath, and got nothing.

Also can a mottle be done using a crystaled palm wax? Which waxes are best for these application?

Questions, questions, questions?


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Here is some good info from Top about mottle wax


IGI 1274 and IGI 1343 aren't well suited for high quality mottled candles. In fact I would call them downright crappy for that application, though they are excellent when used with additives for other types of candles.

As far as paraffins that are specifically sold as mottling blends, Candlewic 4045H is the only good one I know of. Of course there are other usable paraffins that will mottle.

A few people have experimented with small amounts of other hardeners to improve the burning qualities of 1274/1343 mottles. Something like 0.5% Fischer-Tropsch wax (Clear Crystals or Translucent Crystals) might help, but I don't much care for the aesthetic results and it's a lot more trouble than just using the right wax.

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