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Going nuts! Spots on the top- please help


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I have always called this "spotting"- maybe I am using the wrong term here. The top of my tarts are cooling too quickly and causing dark spots (lots of them) on the top. I have tried just about everything I can think of to correct this.

What I REALLY don't understand is that often only some of the tarts in the same pour batch spot and the others come out perfect! It could be the first one spots and the second one doesn't, the first one is perfect and the second one spots... or the first 4 spot, then one good one, then seven more that spot. Same wax, same oil, same temp, same everything! Then the next day i pour and all of them come out perfect!

I use 1 lb. soy and 2 oz. of bw.

I am starting to wonder if it is the wax? For the first couple months that I made tarts- I NEVER had this problem. Then it is hit or miss... more often it is HIT with the spots! I have used different batches of wax- but always from the same company and the same ratio. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes the BW is white and other times is is yellow. But even when there is that different color in the BW, I still have some that spot and some that don't.

I am stumped. Have tried pouring at different temps... have made notes about different humidity conditions in the house... What stumps me the most is that one batch can have all spots except for one random tart.

AHHH! Any advice?

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You said you thought they were cooling too fast. Perhaps you could stick them in the oven to cool ? Maybe even warm the oven slightly, then turn it off, just before you put the tarts in ?

What gets me is that there have been about half a dozen people with problems of blemishes.

Maybe it's freakin' solar flares, or something.

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