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Best suppliers for B&B only FO's?


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Hello there all,

I've been reading this board like crazy, and doing TONS of research. I want to know if your experience matches up with my gut feelings.

I'm thinking of trying the following suppliers, for mainly perfume and b&b applications. Perfume mostly. Let me know what you think! Scents in alcohol/carrier oils smell a lot more like they do OOB than in candle/soap, right? more WYS(mell)IWYG?

Already ordered a small-ish batch from the scent works (they have my bottles anyway). Selling the product I make from this should help me make my next FO orders. In the meantime, I'm plotting my next order!

Looking at: Taylored Concepts, Royal Aromatics, Daystar, A Garden Eastward. I think between these I could get almost anything I want. But please let me know if i'm overlooking something or should skip something. And if there's another board like this, but with a more B&B/perfume focus, please link to it. Thanks SO much!

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