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Twilight Zone of Wick Testing-Oops wrong forum

Pam W

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I've been working with some paraffin I got in a package deal and haven't been able to wick it successfully. (has lots of vybar in it but that's all I know about it) I thought I'd just mix it with my regular paraffin to use up the stuff. So I started with a 50/50 combo of it and 140 paraffin.(3" Red clove) 1st wick was a 30ply, no go - mp too small - no throw.

2nd wick - 36ply - same results. Decided to get a little more aggressive & went to #1sq - same thing except deeper mp but not wider and still no throw, moved up again with #2sq - same thing - mp stays the same and just gets deeper. Throw was totally non-existant & the wall stayed at 3/4" with all four wicks.

Well, at this point I'm stumped - for a Newbie that ain't nothing new!! I had poured some of the same mixture into a tart and it burned great and throw was all over the house. Logic kicked in and told me the wicks just weren't hot enough so went to the biggest HTP I had -- 1312. BINGO - full MP and throwing like Randy Johnson.:yay: Might even have to wick down before test is threw but at least I get to enjoy the tiny little sample bottle of Peak's Red Clove....so glad I bought all those sample wicks;)

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