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1st Mottles - Shorties Updated with full pillar


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Got my mottles out of the molds. Not much left of the coke can candle. Still need to figure out how to seal the wick pin. Used 1 lb of wax for testing so made a small 3" one also. Used 4045, 1 T palm stearic, 1.25 oz FO scented Ocean Breeze, Peaks navy dye, room temp molds, and poured at 175. Next time will cut down on the no. of drops. They are going back into the pot to try and make 1 full size candle. Even though I forgot to tap didn't have any air bubbles. I'm liking these mottles. Have a ways to go to get mottles like you pros though. Know the can is upside down but liked this for the top.

Edit: Melted these 2 down and made a regular 3" pillar. Pic on the last post. Couldn't believe how much the mottle changed.


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Top, thought they may be too dark. Will know better when I get a full size pillar. Have poured a normal 3" pillar with the melt down.

Trish, just like the angles you get with the crushed can. But since my cans are so small in diameter, I probably wouldn't be able to wick them right. At least with a 3" pillar I can find tips here on wicking. Did I say that I'm wick challenged? LOL

Anyway thanks for the kind comments on my baby pillars.

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