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Help with wax I recently bought!

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I bought Peaks granulated wax to make tarts with.. 50 lbs of wax to be exact. :( I figured I'd give it a whirl can't do no harm I'm only making tarts!! WRONG!

When the wax hardens after they have cooled it's like rolling hills on the top of the wax. Big bumps all over and not a soft flat finish. What causes this and what can I do to fix this? I have 50 lbs of this! Sure I made a boo boo and depended on wax being nearly the same but there's gotta be a way that I can use this wax and be happy without pulling my hair out. I can't sell my tarts like this. I have an order for 500 tarts and either I need to spend another 100 with shipping for more wax or I need to figure out how to make it cool better.

Any suggestions?

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I think blending it with a container wax would help quite a bit. Is the granulated wax a straight paraffin or a blended wax? I've found that my preblend (OK6228) shrinks alot, not to mention leaving a "brainy" like surface when it sets up if I pour it straight. I resolved the problem by blending it with my J223 (50/50) and pouring at around 140-150 degrees. I get smooth as glass tops this way. My straight paraffin (4045) will set up smooth but I don't get the look I like and it mottles like crazy.

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I would definitely try a heat gun on the ones already poured, but try a 75/25 (votive/container) mix for the next batch. I found that 6228 gave me the bumpy tops too unless I mixed with a container wax and poured cooler. Pouring hot will raise the amount of shrinkage you get too, so check your pouring temps.

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