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How to preheat jars?


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Hi I am a newbie!!! very new!!!

I spent most of yesterday reading the postings and suggestions. Thank you for all your help on everything, I really learned a lot. I have been on my own since August and was just about to throw everything in garbage until a friend told me to check out messages boards. And I did!! I learned about a heat gun and embossing gun. Are these used to heat the jars before pouring? Do you heat each one individually before pouring or can you do small groups at a time. Say 7 jars. Would the first one cool to much by the time you heated the last one (I am doing small batches at the moment)? You would not believe how I have been doing this or trying to do it!!!! I have a feeling I will have a question every day:rolleyes2!

Thank you in advance for your wonderful help.


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Hi Janet,

Welcome to the board. I do preheat my jars just a bit. I also do small batches at a time. If its cool outside, and you have radiators, you can put them on one of those right at the start of your candle-making session. I do this all during the fall and winter and it works great. If I'm in a hurry I use a heat gun. Just line them up and take the chill of them all at once, then right before you pour the wax in one, hit it with the gun, then work your way down the line.

Some people do use an oven on low (I don't trust my oven to be on low - I'm always afraid it will go out even though it never has - just don't like playing with it since its an old apartment-size gas oven). If you search the "archives" for "preheat" I think you'll probably find many threads about this - you can limit your search to the veg section if you like.

How to search the archives: http://www.candletech.com/cgi-local/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=veggiewax;action=display;num=1100281493 (I always just put in "999" in both fields :) )

How to search this forum (the new one): http://www.candletech.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19106&postcount=2

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Hi Charlotte, I was doing that and the wick melted even on warm. Then I went to 2 lamps and a heating pad!!!! LOL If heating gun and embossing guns are not a good preheating methoid I will try oven again.

Thanks you.

What is an embossing gun?

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Never used one before but I can give you a general answer...

An embossing gun is more straight than a heat gun (size of paper towel middle) and is used with embossing powders...you take a stamp, dip in a special embossing stamp pad (not sure what this is, but it is wet), then dip in embossing powder...usually a metallic powder. You stamp on cards then heat up. The heat sets the powder on the card and adds a raised, 3-D effect to it.

I'm sure you could use for other stuff (than cards) but that was the demo that I saw once on TV.


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