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Scent Concentrates


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I really just wanna know if:

  1. FO's and scent concentrates are the same thing?
  2. And if they aren't, are the concentrates better for B&B?
  3. And if so, where can I get concentrates?

I found a website that had concentrates but I didn't bookmark it and forgot what it was.... ARGHH!!! Haven't been able to locate it since.

Help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :D

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Hi, as far as I know concentrates are sometimes also referred to as Absolutes or Concretes. This is the pure, unrefined oils generally not blended with any other oils or substances that dilute the fragrance. Almost like Eau de Parfum versus Eau de Toilette in terms of perfume. They are generally extremely expensive because they are so concentrated. I am not sure where you would get them, but I would say be careful as to who you buy them from as quality can really vary and you might not get what you pay for.

I hope that helps somewhat.


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