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salvaging cracked pillars


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Hello everyone. I was wondering does anyone remember seeing post on doing an overdip on pillars that had cracked? I am thinking Donita came to the rescue. I did a search and can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I put this in the wrong place could someone please move. Thanks


Cheryl C

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I had a candle do that once. It was smooth when I unmolded I boxed it up to send to a friend, left it in my car in the winter. Long story short I never sent it and unboxed it. It was crackled looking. It went away in a few days from sitting in the warth of my bedroom. I was mad the crackles looked cool! do you know what caused the crackles?

Donita dips her candles in hot and cold to shock the wax and to CAUSE the crackle not fix it..that is my understanding of it anyway

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