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2nd Try! ...3rd try added!


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At making body butter! My first try was dismal...:rolleyes2 (had some unfortunate chunks) but last night I found a recipe I thought looked good and fussed with it a bit, subbing a few things. I made it this morning. Here is the finished butter in the mixer bowl. It took forever to whip!


And here it is once I got it spooned into the jars. It's scented Brown Sugar and Fig. :drool: I had no idea how great this FO smelled. I know the color's not a good match for the scent, but it's what I had at hand.


It has the consistency of light mousse, but the test will be what it's like tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. :smiley2: I do hope it holds its texture and consistency.....

Thanks for checking it out. :smiley2:

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Thanks for your replies! :)

I used the Vanilla Butter Cream Meringue recipe off this page:


That's the recipe I started with anyway. I didn't have FCO, so I subbed jojoba. I didn't have Natrasorb, so I subbed some cornstarch. I didn't have aloe butter so I used 2/3 organic shea and 1/3 mango butter. Do you sense a pattern here? ;)

It all seemed to work though. It's not supposed to harden up "if mixed properly" and is made with the listed ingredients in the exact proportions! :rolleyes2 Needless to say, it's about 3 hours later and it has set up. But when dipped out it melts right away and has a pleasing texture. So there may be hope.

I'm iffy on the amount of glycerine though. If feels slightly...sticky? That's not quite the right word, but there is a difference between the way the skin feels right after putting it on with this one. There was no glycerin in the first recipe. But plenty of unmelted mango butter particles....ooops.:embarasse

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Looks amazing!!!:)

Wanted to add that I've tried to use glycerin in a couple of batches of body butter and I tend to get a "tacky" feeling when I use it.:undecided

Tacky! That's the word I needed to describe the feel!

Yes, there is that initial feeling from the glycerin. I thought about reducing the amount the glycerine and cornstarch to see if it lessens the feel. After it's been applied for a short time, the tackiness dissapates and my skin does feel smooth and soft. I've applied it to my dry legs after shaving and they feel smooth this morning. Overall, I'm happy with the recipe. Monday I'll give out some testers to coworkers to get feedback. That's one advantage of working full-time. Then I'll be making version 3.

Thanks again for your comments. :yay:

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Well, I couldn't wait to make version 3. :rolleyes2 So this afternoon I reduced the amount of gylcerin and cornstarch and it's much better! :yay: I'm very excited. I scented it with SC Rosemary and Mint EO blend and tinted it a very faint green. Calling it Mary-Mint Whip.


It's been 3 hours since I finished it. It's still soft and melts on contact and doesn't have the awful "tacky" feel! I'm going to go ahead and post the adjusted recipe I used in case anyone is interested in giving it a try. I'd be interested in your opinion if you try it. Sorry it's in ounces instead of percentages.

Body Butter Whip (variation of Snowdrift Farms recipe)

9 ounces organic refined shea butter

4 ounces mango butter

3 ounces castor oil

4 ounces jojoba oil

10 vitamin E capsules

1 ounce vegetable glycerine

.75 ounces cornstarch

.5 ounces of FO or EO's of choice

small amount of desired colorant (I used a dry oxide)

Melt butters in a stainless steel container. (I did this on the stove in a saucepan on low heat) Once liquid, remove from heat and stir in fixed oils and fragrance of choice. Transfer to stainless steel or glass mixing bowl. Cool in freezer until a white edge or crust develops around the edges and the oils look semi-opaque. Remove from freezer and beat with mixer with wire whisk attachment. (This didn't take too long the third time around because I let the oils & butters get colder before beginning.)

Once the mixture becomes aerated and fluffy, drizzle in the glycerin while mixing on low speed. Once all the glycerine is in whip again. Sprinkle cornstarch on top along with colorant and mix. Scrape down sides and bottom of bowl. Whip until you get the consistency of a meringue.

Spoon into sterile jars.

It's off to my testers tomorrow! I don't know what to do with version 2 now.:sad2: I guess they are off to the dustbin. Version three is so much better! :bliss:

Thanks for looking again!

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