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Thanks guys!

Thanks Geek, you speak italian very well.

I have two cats, Punto and Virgola (. and ,).

I love them so much, they have been for a long time my only true love.

I feel sad if i don't see them for hours, adn at night I can't sleep until they are on the bed with me. better said, splashed on me!!! Of course, they are nutty too.

But thats' why I love cats, they always surprise you.

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Hope you make lots of money for the cats.Sell bunches.I do fundraisers for animal welfare.Also doing my website with a certain item being donated for spaying and neutering.Having a special logo made now for that.I came up with the logo after losing cats last week to FIP.Rare, deadly, no cure, test or shot that is 100% for this disease.

I REALLY REALLY think you will do good and lots of cats will be helped.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!Your cats are so lucky to have a good home and someone who loves and cares for them as much as you do.They can sure leave paw prints on our hearts.My heart feels heavy now.


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Hi all

I don't know anything yet about the sell, they do this in another city, so today I will look for email or phone call from them.

I hope they did good.

The bad thing is if they need more candles I have less then a week to do them and consign (is it right?) because they do the next kiosk sat 11 feb.!!!

Thanks again!

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