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Hmm... anything specific you're needing?

Add your packaging to the "additives" section, and under the measurment, mark it as "item". And when you add it to a recipe make sure you change the drop down menu to item.

You can even use this to figure the cost of your candles. *lol* Just add your wax as a "base oil". :D

You can also resize recipes very easily, just click resize, and type how many ounces you want total. It will even adjust your packaging when you do that.

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Okay, here's one.

I put the exact same recipe into the online soapcalc and into soapmaker but I get two entirely different lye and water amounts. How do I fix that and know it is correct?

how much of a difference is it?

calculators can vary from site to site. i bought woodis soap maker about 2 years ago. the only changes i make in the water and lye dept is a manual entry in the discount box, per recipe.

if you want to change the internal water / lye %s, to what you have been using, contact woodi for instructions.

i love the program :yay:

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I find that soap calc is generally on the heavy side for water. I always end up setting their calc to a 28% water discount.

As mimmi said, calculators can and do vary. I think the average calculator is set at 4 ounces of water per pound of oil, however SoapMaker is based on a 29% lye solution. This thread might help:


If you're worried about it, you could always do the math in your head for the water part. General standards are 1 lb oil recipe = 4-6 ounces of water

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Thanks guys. I found that if I did a -8.5 water discount, I could bring my lye solution to 27.3%, the same as the online calc I have been using, so I entered the negative discount as my starting recipe amount for any new recipe to get the same lye solution % as soapcalc. Weird, but yeah, you're right about the heavy water online compared to the program.

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