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Willow Press Bath Bomb


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I've been looking at this press for a while, trying to decide if $ 360.00 is worth it... Has anyone else bought this press??? By the time you add another mold its over 400.00..... OUCH...

If you've bought it, can you tell me if it is easy to use.... I'm trying to find something easy with NO MORE HEADACHES.... :yay:

Thanks Cami

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I got this a while back


It's a LOT cheaper and simpler...just pour your bath bomb ingredients into it and tap really hard on it...it compresses everything so the bombs don't fall apart...plus, I really like the shape more than the large balls. They're more appropriate for one bath, and I really like the way they look wrapped in foil- (which they also sell on that site.) Sorry if this doesn't help ya, but it's worth looking at for $8! :D

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