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Whee! Getting some TV exposure!


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I contacted a San Antonio morning show, and they're going to come out to my shop and do a couple of segments with me - they'll be taping on the 16th, and I'm so excited! I'm getting over 10 minutes of total airtime, and they want to talk all about how I started the biz, what products I make and how, etc, etc.

Isn't that great advertising? Not to mention free. :cool2: Send me lots of don't-fall-on-your-face prayers or vibes or whatever you send to people, if you would be so kind.

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You are on a ROLL, girl!!! Congratulations!!! You better get a copy of the show and send it to all of us! :) Do you have a storefront, or are they coming to your workshop? That is just such great news- you are seriously gonna hit it big! And you have great products- so just talk them up and you'll be fine! Nothing to be nervous about! Think of it like you're talking to about 6,000 customers at once! :) Such a great opportunity...good for you!

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6,000 people?!?!??!?!?! :eek: Okay, now I'm really going to fall over. Okay, I can do this *deep breath*...

They will be coming to the workshop - I don't have a storefront, I was tempted for a while, but I think I've found my niche in selling to boutiques. It'll be a lot of different things - it's one of those "in this hour, we'll be checking in with Jane Smith, who's on location with Danielle P., owner of Henry & Co. in Seguin..." and then I get like 1 minute, 3 each of 2 minutes and one 4 minute segment. So, I get to do a demo of lotion and/or soapmaking (yeah, right, I've made ONE batch of soap), get to talk about the genesis of the biz and then I get do to some pimpin'.

You better believe I'll be taping, and so will my mom, and my grandmother, and my aunt and my neighbor and my best friend....

I don't know about online, that's a really good question - I'll have to check it out. The fun thing is that it won't be live, although it will look that way, so I get to sit and watch as it debuts (eeeeek!).

I used to have a personal chef biz, when I lived in Phoenix, and I was on the AZ morning show about 4-5 times, so the good news is that I have a little under my belt, so at least I kind of know a smidge of what I'm getting into, KWIM?

I'll update y'all when it's going to air!

Thanks again for all the well wishes, this community is so incredibly encouraging!

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