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ISO Clear Votive DISPLAY boxes...HELP!


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Thanks..didn't realize they had them. But they hold 18..I need the ones that hold 12 and since I need about 50 of them, BCN is way too expensive.

thanks E but not quite what I'm looking for.....BCN's version only holding 12 instead of 18.

I wonder if I'm gonna have to get them custom made.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

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More like this but clear....BTW, these do hold 12 but they are a little short so if you do full votives you have to tug at the cardboard to get them all to fit.


I spoke to the owner of Sunshine container regarding these at one time and since they will have to be customed made, basically have to order 10,000 of them. Yes Ten thousand. so I said I didnt need that many

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