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Any reviews on Farmhouse oils?


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I have used a few of her oils and they were quite good, plus Sherri ships quickly, and is accessible to answering any questions you might have by phone, or prompt e-mail reply:

These are in 50/50, CD wicks.

Not what you might be thinking about right now, but you MUST try her Snowy Pine for next Christmas! Our BIG best seller last season, as a matter of fact we are pouring a few more lbs. of tarts tonight! Fresh. light pine w/ a TOUCH of mint...WONDERFUL scent!

Her Strawberry Shortcake is awesome-fresh strawberry w/ a touch of bakery, great throw!

Her Carrot Cake throws great, although, it is what it says, a straight cinnamon-y carrot Cake, no frosting here, I might re-name it Spice Cake.

Love her Red Delicious Apple, better that Mac Apple IMO, although, only poured a sample into tarts-they got sold quick though!! have to get another to test in jars, wonderful apple scent!

More seasonal for right now, I am going to test her Honeydew Melon tonight, OOB, it is delicious:drool: , keeping fingers crossed tight that it throws well!!!!;)

Her Water Blossom Ivy did very well for us in body sprays, green and fresh!

I'd give her a try for sure!


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Poured the Honeydew Melon last night, burning today...it is wonderful, thank God! I sooooo wanted it to throw well, as it was delicious OOB, and it does!

Sherri actually picked this one over another I had picked, I asked her to send me the one she thought was better, she made a great chioce!:yay: This is a keeper for sure!

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Almost forgot one that I have poured that is definately a keeper of theirs, Cookies and Cream, very strong throw, awesome cookie scent, creamy, not too sweet... if you do food scents this time of year; we are doing more fruit, floral, and clean scents right now, but we have this on our permanent list for fall/winter...:smiley2:

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I tried Christmas Splendor - to me, it was very soapy smelling. Also, Cinnamon Bun smelled like tar. I really like the Snowy Pine, Caramel Apple & Cookies and Cream.

Customer service is great, however, I think (for me at least), it's pretty hit or miss. I've heard that FH's Rose is wonderful (haven't tried it myself) and the Strawberry is good.

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Just poured Farmhouse's Red Delicious Apple last night, and OMG it is throwing like crazy in my 50/50...:yay:

Just wanted to let you all know in case you're looking for a good apple scent-this one rocks!

(I poured it at 10%, but I am quite sure it could be cut back, esp. since it is throwing this well after no cure, it's only gonna get stronger!)

I have her French Vanilla to test as well, will post results after I pick up more wax this week!

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