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Fillmore new parasoy Smack wax

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Anyone try this? Tried a number of BW waxes nd hated them all.

SmackWax 136 ParaSoy wax blend is a one-pour wax that combines simple, easy pouring with a superior appearance. Comparable to IGI 6006 wax, 136 Smackwax is designed to have excellent glass adhesion and smooth top finishes. 

  • Make-Up: Paraffin Soy Wax Blend
  • Form: Slab
  • Pour Temperature: 120-165° F
  • Wax Melting Point: 136° F
  • Fragrance Load: 5-10%
  • MADE in the USA

136 Smackwax is available in 44 lb carton of slab wax. Full cases have multiple slabs that make managing and removing the wax easier from the case. We also offer 11-pound sample cases available for testing and smaller batches. Wax is sold by the case, pallet, or truckload. Buy in bulk and save even more! Find Instructions and Safety Data Sheets available for download under Product Attachments. Explore our selection of jars and containers for candle making. Fillmore Container offers several wholesale and bulk price points with quick turnaround times. 

To maintain the integrity of the wax, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please consider purchasing a 11-pound sample for testing before purchasing larger quantities. 

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I have not heard of that one before.  Seems like a new and improved wax blend hits the market several times a week these days, yet few - if any - are any better.  I share your experience with the BW line. Not to mention how few places carry it, making basing a line on it is risky.


If you don't mind, share your experiences if you decide to roll the dice. 

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