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Rustic Essentials Room Spray Base


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I have used this in the past and I have few customers asking for room and linen spray again.  I just checked out their site and the price is now $90.95 for 7 pounds!!!!!  😲


What the What!?!  Is that stuff really that good?  Is there anything else comparable for a reasonable price?  I tried witch hazel and distilled water but it seemed kind of MEH!

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😲 For goodness sakes, that's insane. Get the base from The Candlemakers Store. It's great. If memory serves, the ingredients are the same or very close, but I prefer the base from TCS. 

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I will look into it.  Thank you!


I know I just about choked when I saw that.  I can't remember what I paid for it a couple years ago and I understand materials have increased in price but.......

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