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And Another Thing (Wicks)


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Of course I have some work to do on nailing down the right wick(s) to use. According to what I have read I have several options with J-225 on wicks but I don't know much about the specifics of the different types of wicks. In reading the "FAQ" section I found this:

"aroma-lite" (for candles w/ a high FO load)

cotton (rigid wick)

paper (wick more rigid than cotton)

zinc (maximum rigidity; coolest burning wick)

So that tells me a little, but not enough to make a decision on which way to go. Also in looking at wicks there are all kinds of numbers describing them. Is there someplace I can decipher what those numbers mean (ie. 62-52-18)? When talking about wicking up or down I am guessing up would be larger numbers and down would be smaller numbers.

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Here are a few of the web sites out there on wicking.





I've never had any luck with the last one.

Best bet is to buy sample packs and test. Also check canlde suppliers web sites, they usually have a wick recommendation section.

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Hi Viper...

I am certainly no pro, so I won't be offering you any advise on much of anything...there are many pros here that are qualified. On wicks, I will share something with you that you may not hear ( I didn't, and had to learn the hard way) that might save you some time or money....and it was just brought back to my attention not long ago.

For wicks:

They are NOT universal.

Choose your supplier and do not purchase wicks from anyone other than the supplier you have chosen. Choose one that will likely be in business for awhile. Just because you buy a 51-32-18z or HTP-52 from Supplier A, does not mean that when you order a 51-32-18z or HTP-52 from Supplier B, you will be receiving the exact same thing.

Just thought you might like to know this, if you don't already. This is something I really wish I had known when I started all this.

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