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I am sorry that some have had problems with them, but I had a smooth pruchase from them. They had a mold that I hunted for for months and could only find in canada until I found it there. I purchased 2 of the molds from them with no time delays or any other problems. It was over a year ago, maybe longer.

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Thats fair. I just haven't been too succesful with other mold makers and they seemed to have experience with large molds. But two bad experiences and a missed quote are pretty big strikes against them.
Maybe you should just call them and see what sort of comfort level you get from the conversation.
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I did and the girl I talked to sounded really nice (and kind of cute so that helped) and she took down what I wanted and I requested to be called by the person who would physically be making my mold. she said they would call me tomorrow. and they seemed nice...

but I didn't know what the word on the street was.

I'm definently going to talk to the builder first and discuss it...

I'm also open to suggestions for other custom makers...

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Pourette is great. I'm from Seattle, really like workin with guys from an area I know etc...

I would recommend them to anyone who asks because I've bought other products there and they were top notch.

Unfortunately, they were just having trouble crafting something the size I needed.

They gave it a valiant effort, but I think its probably they aren't set up to make something this size well.

Also something this large almost needs someone who is a small time custom worker and has the ability to go out and buy a heavier gauge sheet metal. 1/16" tin plated flashing (which is what molds are typically made out of) gets pretty pliable at the verticle heights I require. Doesn't hold its shape well at all.

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see I've already got a life sized latex mold of king kong...

1/4 scale?!?!....thats kind of small isn't it? lol.

a five gallon bucket is 10" in diameter at the base and 12" in diameter at the top. additionally, it is only a bit less than a foot and a half tall.

Good idea though. might be cool if you want to make some summer time picnic hurricanes and put a citronella bucket in them though...be kind of a country thing in the shape of a bucket...

I've been working on this for a year. lol. trust me, I've tried everything.


but thats a lot of wax though. before anyone starts copying my ideas they should hear my horror stories...

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It does take forever to cool...but I have probably the most elaborate cold water bath system you've ever seen.

and I have a fridge size freezer setup too...

I have a cooling idea for you. Get a long length of 1/4 copper tubing and line your water bath with it. Clamp vinyl tubing to each end. Put a hose fitting on one of the tubes and put the other near a drain. Now you have a heat exchanger. Run the garden hose through (top to bottom) it to continuously cool the bath water.
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thats a really good idea top.

currently I have multiple garbage cans and a good sized pond pump.

what I do is pump the mold full of water from one trashcan...when it gets hot I drain it out with the electric pump and then fill the water bath back up with the water from another trashcan etc... I do this from a bunch of different ones. That way I'm not pouring and dumping a bunch of water every couple hours.

Additionally, if I do this, then the water is room temperature...


Top the more I think of it...the cooler your idea is...

if I can ever get to the point where I can succesfully make candles without spending all DAY making one half-ashed one I am really gonna pursue this idea....

it might even be worth it to look into like a cooling system like they use for kegs at bars and I could fill the pipe full of water and use an electric pump to continuously circulate it, BUT part of the pipe would pass through the cooling tank so I wouldn't waste water...it would be more of like an air conditioner...

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Gona take over 74 pounds of wax for that sucker, and 2 men and a boy to lift it. ;)

ah I have a solution that I'm using for that as well. lol. I haven't revealed all my secrets yet!

but yes, it is extreemly difficult because often I am working with a mold containing in excess of 30-50lbs of hot melted paraffin.

I have a lot of aloe plants.

I had one of my molds come appart on me once...thankfully I was pouring cool for a rustic. There was so much wax everywhere...

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