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Tried to swirl, and omh


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Can't seem to get these darn swirls :cry2: Tried to swirl, tops look ok, but couldn't get it to go all the way thru :sad2: Even tried with a slab type mold

Left to right Clean cotton, love spell, and omh on the bottom


Same soaps different view, omh, key lime, clean cotton


And the omh, oh my! This is what it looked like in the mold, major sweet taters, lol! Glad it didn't stay that orange :eek: I put plastic on it, but took it off real quick. Put 1 Tbsp (I know now too much) honey in it, it is oozing slightly, but not like I thought. I ended up putting it in the fridge and left it there all night. It wasn't too bad to cut, however, when I got to the bottom, the last 1/4 inch or so in the log mold crumbled when I cut it on each and every piece.


Thanx for looking!

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They're looking good. I'd show ya mine, but you'd :eek: (looking for the barfing smiley). Swirled one with black/silver...yep, we won't go there. Needless to say, the rebatch is a little.....can we say....shaded the Tin Man from WOZ?

How many times can you rebatch the same soap? :P

LMAO! You sound like me now! Not sure on the rebatch since I haven't done it yet. I was gonna rebatch those 2 that I contaminated, but I was told it was better to pitch them, LOL!

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You crack me up! Too bad every recipe is different, and I have made how many now, LOL! I just wish I could get this swirling stuff figured out! I will even if I have to start shipping soap to my worst enemies :whistle:

I am sure yours look great! Post some pics, cuz I don't believe you on how bad they are! :rolleyes2

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Have you tried ITP swirling?

Yep, a good friend suggested that, and it didn't work very well. The whole darn soap came out orange :embarasse I have a pic posted somewhere in here, since I have taken pictures of everything, lol! It was a lemongrass one.

I am still playing and have a few new things to try this weekend! I am gonna try the IPS again too. Will post pics, LOL!

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