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Downer of a fundraiser!!


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Ok some of you may remember me talking about doing a fundraiser with my candles for my daughter to earn some money for her 8th grade trip that is coming up at the end of May.

We need to come up with over $1,000, and I'm not sure when the deadline is, but I'm sure it's coming up. :eek:

Anyway, we JUST NOW got started with it, b/c of the hectic holidays etc. and my poor daughter is just getting sooo frustrated and depressed as she's only sold to TWO friggin' people. One lady bought 3 candles (we had a buy 3 deal) and one lady bought 1. :rolleyes:

I just cannot get over this, she went all over our neighborhood, a neighborhood she has lived in her whole life and only one person bought from her? How sad. She then went to her friends neighborhood and sold the other one candle to a teenage girl.

I just don't know what we're doing wrong? I can't believe peeps are being sooo cheap. I mean I know we live in a fairly small town (30k) and that kids are doing fundraisers all year long of various things, but I have not heard of ANY kids selling candles, and since I KNOW most everyone likes candles, I thought this fundraiser would be perfect KWIM?

We have a really nice order form, 2 smaller sized candles so as not to be too expensive, plus she is carrying around sample scents so they know exactly what everything smells like. we're offering 10 scents. I mean I don't know what else to do to get people to buy from her??? :(

Any ideas?

We're sooo screwed if we can't come up with the rest of this money, as the money she's already earned and the money we put down is NON refundable. :eek:

Any helpful hints, advice etc. would sure be appreciated, I know that my daughter is getting really discouraged and doesn't even really want to go back out there, but we really have no choice.

Thanks guys!!

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Ask your local grocery store if you can set up a table in front of their store, Go to the churches and ask if they have a night where do things like Awannas(sp) ask if you can come close to shut down time and set up to sell.

Have her go around to the local business and show the candles maybe even ask if she can set up for a few hours like on Friday night or Saturday.

People don't like to buy door to door anymore.

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Might have been better to go to stores.If they allow it but the problem is they might think if we let one then others might want do it.Maybe below might be some other ideas.

With Valentine's Day coming up have you thought about a OPEN HOUSE.Put ad in the stores etc and you might mention to help raise money for my daughter to go on a class trip??Might also put a ad in the paper for people to see.I see OPEN HOUSES around my area all the time especially during the holidays.Crafters must do fair or they would not keep doing it every year.

For the door to door maybe not the way to go.Also made your daughter upset. It is a shame but with the economy I think peoeple arent buying and like you said KIDS do sell door to door all the time.People get tired of it.

There are school door to door fundraisers and the only way to get out there.Recently crimes are committed on children when they went door to doorthough.Sometimes it was people they knew and once it was a teenage boy.You never know.Some schools have stopped doing this and sometimes parents now go with their kids. It is the only safe way.

Try OPEN HOUSE.Maybe some that turned her down will come and see what all you do have.(It is hard selling candles door to door).Make up flyers and drop them off in the neighborhood and other neighborhoods.Some put flyers on mailboxes. You can get a day that is not windy and do it about the time the people pick up mail.You know when your mail is delivered.If a walking route just put on porches etc.

It is hard to get out there but it takes some work.Maybe do a candle party or have someone to do one for you.Family friends etc.You might have to do alot of work in a little time.A party can be planned within a couple weeks.Call and invite or send out invitations.

I'm trying to think of some fast things.You don't know how long you have.Find out that also.What is the deadline and go from there.


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Do you have a local paper you could get to do a story about your situation? Our hillbilly newspaper loves to do stories like that--it's almost the biggest news they ever report on.

Another think you might look into is the sales pitch your daughter is using. I don't know how gung ho she is about selling, but for a lot of people, it just does not come easy.

Perhaps she is a very outgoing person and loves doing it. If she's not though, maybe you could prepare a script of sorts and have her practice it. It might make her feel more confident, and along with confidence hopefully will come better sales.

Slow sales could simply be because people have all the candles they need. I can tell you that candle sales in my store are S L O W right now. I've had many people tell me that they got them as gifts for Christmas, or that they loaded up at the Yankee after Christmas sale. :mad:

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I think the idea of going to where the men work is a good idea. Men are much more likely to buy than women in my experience.

Ok, I know I live in the boonies (BFE according to my DIL, and yes I did have to ask what that stood for) but where in the world are they going for an 8th grade field trip that costs over 1000.00? :shocked2: My kids field trips are mostly local places and we have to send a quarter to make up what the PTA didn't raise.

Sometimes BFE has it's benefits I guess.

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