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Burnt Soap / Soap on Fire


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Well this is embarassing. So my yogurt soap turned weird and liquidy. I decided to turn the oven back on (I was CPOPing) and, well, the soap had leaked a bit and it started burning. It stinks like heck, too, if you've never smelled burning soap.

Laugh all you want. Jease. What a mess.

So now my husband is certain we are all being killed slowly by my deadly LYE (and yogurt) soap. :(

I think I'm done with OP. LOL.

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I always have on hand at least one but usually 2 or 3 of those aluminum oven trays.

Whenever I am making something that has even the slightest chance of making a mess in my oven, I put one down. If it happens, all you have to do is pull this out, let it cool down, throw it away and the problem is solved and there is no yucky residue left in your oven to stink up your house for days on end. If it's smoking (as the spills often do) you can set it outside to cool so more of the smoke doesn't get into your house.

They cost about 60 cents for each one and the ones I buy are sold in packages of 2.

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