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More muted color dyes

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I'm no expert by any means, but I am learning about colors. One interesting thing I've found is that you can get some beautiful colors, something like sage green just by adding black. Maybe that would work for you? I've done it with the soaps I make, but no candles yet. Still I think the principle would be the same?

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Hi there,

I use a colour system called Kaiser Lacke. It's from Germany and basically works on 8 basic colours, a software programme and a file thicker than my arm with all the colour combinations, anything from very light, to pastels, to very intense colours. Why don't you email them and see if they have an agent in the US. I can't imagine that they don't. The website is www.kaiser-lacke.de. You need to look at the pigments for dye through.

It is really a brilliant system, and I only pay for the pigment - the file and programme is free.



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