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Just place an order with BCN


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And I did order a few of those refillable powder brushes along with mica!

My niece bought one at VS and I told her, someway or another I am goin to figure out on how to make those bad boys!

Week later, saw that BCN carried the brushes, not as big though but it's a start!

Once I get them, I will let you know how it turns out!


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Received my order from BCN today and let me tell you,

they sent me 3 free samples of there FO's, Jade, Pink Sugar & Coconut

OOB..absolutely excellent!

Right now making a pillar with the coconut and the scent is strong!

The refillable powder brushes, the picture that BCN has does not do it justice.

It's worth the money that I pd for!

Filling it up tonight and will post a pic of the finished product tomorrow!

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Can't wait to see the pictures!!

Your samples sound GREAT!! I received an order last week and my 3 samples w/ like oak moss... oh I can't even remember the scents but just horrible you'd think they'd send top sellers to bring in the $$ BUT I will say on the positive side that was nice of them to do as no other company I order from does that (ok one other does-its containers and such):)

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