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Bohunks 14 vs Holy Grail

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I've made an altered version of both.

With the 'holy grail' version, I whipped it until it was very light and fluffy. At least double it's original size. When I took it into the shower a couple of days later, because it was so fluffy I had to use almost the whole 4oz jar (and my body isnt that big!) So I didnt think my customers would appreciate having to use almost 1 jar per shower.

So I prefer it not so light and fluffy, so that it lasts longer.

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It is the same recipe...Bohunk's. Cookiebug just used different oils (which you can always do with any recipe...but the recipe still belongs to the original creator) and a different method of mixing.

FWIW - I tried Cookiebug's version based on Bohunk's recipe and let it whip for 90 min. Mine is very very dense (which I like) - I don't get the whippy texture that others get. I like using PKO in the scrub and am especially excited to see how it will hold up to the summer when emulsified scrubs like to seperate. I'm grateful Cookiebug suggested this as a substitution in Bohunk's #14!!!


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I tried this recipe the other day (scented in Ylang Ylang and colored lt. pink), Cookiebugs version of it. I whipped it and it did get light and fluffy, but the longer I whipped it, it started getting flat. So I put it in an ice water batch and just kept scraping around the bowl, as it got cold, it got thicker and in just a few minutes it got a nice thick consistancy to it, so I took it out and whipped it again for about 5 mins. It made it a very nice and dense scrub, kinda like a whipped frosting consistancy. I waited a few hours to make sure it wasn't going to shrink any, and it didn't too much. I scooped it into containers and it has been in them for 2-3 days now and no additional shrinkage. I have a jar of it now in the shower and it is just like rubbing frosting on you in the shower. After you rinse, your skin feels so soft. This is the most wonderful stuff, great for the legs and arms. I find it to be less abrasive than a regular sugar scrub. I think I will be saving the regular sugar scrub for my feet, LOL! If anyone has been on the fence about trying out this recipe, it is wonderful. The time it took to make it was really worth it. Just might keep it all for myself. :D

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