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Mottling or crystals?

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Hi all, I'm using for the first time a soy wax.

Better said, the supplier sells it as vegetable wax, when I asked what type of veg. wax he told me "soy".

The label on the bag says that it can simulate snoflakes if cooled rapidly.

Today on this board I read some posts about crystalizing soy wax, seems that a crystalizing soy wax doesn't exist.

Then I found the spec for a vegetable wax on calwax site, stating "if slowly cooled produces big crystals on surface" or something like that.

I poured my wax today, that one that maybe is soy wax, I used a 5% FO.

In the pic you can see what I found in the pour pot once cooled.

It's mottling or crystals?

The pillar is not ready yet so for now I can't tell, but on the bottom I see the same things forming!

Can someone please explain me what's happening?



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Looks like soy wax. That's called frost. It's a type of crystallization, but not the decorative kind that "crystallizing wax" refers to. Those are palm.

Who knows, it might look nice on your pillar. You can think of it as a kind of mottle. Different pouring and cooling temperatures will vary the results and might let you get rid of it if you want. Higher pouring temp = slower cooling. Also if you have a cold home you could try a box over it.

Show us the results when it's done! You are always trying something new.

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