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Great friend!

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A friend of mine has been such a good "advertisement" for my candles. She has purchased several tins from me and puts them on her warmer at work. Because of her, I have had several orders come from her co-workers. Today I received this email from her:

I am sooo excited - for YOU. I am burning the "Love Spell" candle and

I've had several people now stop at my office and comment on it. In

fact, [name withheld] (who ordered yesterday) just stopped and asked if what he is smelling is one of your candles!! I told him absolutely. I will continue to burn different scents everyday and "advertise" for you.

Got to love friends like this!!!

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thats great!! Isnt it fun!

I have a wonderful sister in law that I had given a wickless and a warmer to for Christmas..she took them to work..she works in a big insurance Co. and I have had 3 large orders from her office...kind of like she is the hostess...collects all the money and sends me the orders..I always pust some special full size products in just for her!

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I had a similar incident happen. I went to a festival one year and this one lady just loved my dreamsicle candle. The next year I had a booth at the same spot. When she saw me there she came running over and started telling all of the people around that area that I have the best smelling candles ever. And thanks to her I probably sold about 75 dollars in candles within 10 minutes. I wish there were more people like these to help all of us out, with free advertising.

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Wow that's great!

I hope it will work for me too. A friend of mine instead of showing only my website to her co-workers told me to do some pillars for her to bring in it's office and show

I keep my fingers crossed!

My fingers are crossed for you as well. I've seen your pillars on the gallery (beautiful!) -- I'm certain you will be getting orders from your friend's co-workers!

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