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My valentine soap log


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I had to redo this TWICE, b/c I couldn't get the embed logs situated the way I wanted, and even now you can see that the top embed log is too close to the top but when it's sliced it doesn't look so bad. ;)

I like it though, and all my daughters' friends are getting a slice of this (along with a waxed dipped valentine bear) for Valentine's Day. :D



Of course I HAD to glitter (I'm a glitter-holic LOL) :D


Oh and it's scented with Sweet Pea.

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Ahh thanks everyone, I think the girls will really like it, I already gave one to my daughter's best friends mom (well she gave it to her mom) and she said she likes it soo much she's not going to use it. LOL

I understand that a lot of people who make "homemade" soap don't like M&P soaps, but I love it for the reason that it really lets me use my artistic side that I have been neglecting since I started on the candle/B&B making journey. ;)

I used to make wood "things" with my scroll saw and hand paint them and anything else I could get ahold of (ie. clay and tin pots, chalk boards, etc.), but haven't done any of that in soooo long now.

Anywho, thank you all for the compliments you just made my day. :D

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