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Can you tell me about Soap and Things

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I've just recently used Jody for a few things and the service was good. I gotta tell you, tho, that the 1st order I received, I ordered some packaging (jars, etc.) and it arrived with a definte "musty" smell to it. I took everything out of the box and let it air out. The smell went away but I didn't feel good about it until I washed and sanitized everything. A definite PIA, to say the least!

I just ordered from her again (no jars this time!) last week and was very pleased with the order.

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She had a ton of stuff I wanted to order. I emailed her with a question and she never responded, so, according to my rule, I won't do business with her.

If a business won't reply to me in an email BEFORE I order, what makes me think they will reply if I have a problem AFTER I order?

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Good Point, sockmonkey. But when I had the little problem with the 1st order, she did respond to my email pretty quickly. She didn't offer much in the way of a solution, except that it might be the box that the musty smell was originating from and that the products should be fine. I was skeptical, to say the least, but turns out she was correct.

My order last week was small, so shipping was a little high. I like to make it more worthwhile when I order from places, but I really just wanted to try out a couple of her lip balm bases.

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