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Whipped Shea Greasy???


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What is the whipped shea supposed to feel like? Made my first last week-whipped up like birthday cake icing so I was happy. I did use a recipe that called for dry flo to cut greasiness. My tester said it's still too greasy. What else would I do to cut the grease?

16 oz shea butter

5 oz oils-I think I used SAO And Grapeseed

2 t dry flo



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I have found that ones tend to use way tooooo much product, be it lotion or whipped shea, which in turns makes it feel greasy. When I first made my whipped shea I used way to much causing the greasy feeling when I cut down on the amount used of the same product - no greasy feeling at all.

I have a empty lotion bottle, from way before I starting making lotions and such, and right on the label are printed "only use 2 drops". It is mind boggling to only use "2 drops" when using lotion but in most cases that is all that is needed.

I recently made up a lotion it ended up being more of a cream. I wanted a pump that would handle the thickness of the product but didn't have one, so I put it in a regular pump bottle which only dispensed a very small amount and to my surprise the very small amount that comes out is just perfect.

It may just be a matter of the amount used of your product not the product itself.

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People are used to putting a lot because for commercial moisturizers you have to put a lot for it to be effective. A big blob of cream, a big squirt of lotion. For your own products, you'll just have to explain to them that they are far more concentrated than their commercial counterparts, and that a little goes a long long way.

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