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Soy wax newbie!

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Hi all, today I want to try for the first time my new soy wax.

Instructions provided says that holds up 10% fragrance, I have to melt it at about 200* and add colors and FOs at 167*.

Do you have any tip for me?

Should I use metal molds or pc molds? Does soy wax release easily from molds?

What are the major problems I could have using this wax?

Whatever comes to your mind will be appreciated, thanks!

edited to add: it's a pillar wax.. or soy can be used also for container?

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which brand of wax are you using? Most pillar blends come out of the molds fine. I have been preheating my molds (aluminum) lately and I have been getting much better results.

The melting temp seems a little high, you do have to be careful not to overheat soy. It will become dry and crack. I used to get big air pockets in the pillars when I would over heat, or heat my wax for too long.

That sounds like a lot of FO for a pillar wax. To save yourself money it may be best to start out with a smaller % and see what happens. I always tell people if they want super strong fragrance, they need to stick with the containers not pillars.

Hope some of this helps:smiley2:

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many thanks.

It's a "local" brend (I am in italy).

The supplier says it's for pillars.

I was thinking to use a 3% of FO as I read another thread where people say that soy has more throw than paraffin.

I'm going to try in an aliminium mold and see how it goes.

Unfortunately here candlemaking is very approximative, I don't have all the choice and details I would!!!

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I read a thread where people say they use less FO in soy.

Ah Alex I used fro my soy pillar Peppermint FO.

I have to run out of my house!!!

Peppermint FO is very very very strong, LOL!

I think it's reasonably well accepted about the scent throw. It will vary with the wax blend and the FO compatibility of course, but the general rule is that paraffin throws better. Veggie waxes seem to lock up a lot of scent components.

I only know of one formal test where the scent throw was scientifically compared, but it was very interesting. For one experiment they used people and for another experiment they tried to use machines to measure the scent throw. This was all with container candles.

The results of the two experiments matched perfectly. The paraffin containers came out clearly on top. The vegetable wax was solidly last. The para-veggie waxes were all in the middle.

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