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Does anyone know if the fragrance oils from Gellycandle.com are any good? I did a search for candle oils on sale and that website came up. There oils are 8.50 a pound, right now. I hope this is okay to ask on here i wasn't sure if it is or not. If it's all right i sure would appreciate anyone that knows anything about this company or there oils or not. thanks ,shelley

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I have never used them nor have I ever heard of them....It kind of scares me that their claim to fame is they have products in Joanne's....And they might just be a good co....

In order to produce a quality product, one must use quality supplies....a good fragrance oil is important in the way your candle smells, both lit and unlit.

I would buy only small sample sizes to test their fragrance....

All that being said, $8.50 per pound for fragrance oil is VERY cheap....Hopefully someone else will have experience with this company.


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