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Mayonaise Soap


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It's in the mold! I used 1 heaping tablespoon ppo added to my oils before the lye water. Took out 2 different colors for a swirl... And got soap on a stick for the unscented swirl colors... So, I smashed and blended and boy it's ugly. Now, the scented main part didn't do this at all.. It was creamy and smooth!

It didn't discolor on contact with the lye, will cut it tommorow to see what I can see!

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I thought about that too Robin! I've heard it can be done successfully! But chives? Think I'll pass on that part..lol

Ok.. Fixin to go shopping for more groceries.. Let's see... Coconut oil, sour cream, yogurt, and olive oil! Sounds like a wonderful shopping list to me!

I think the mayo could be cool too.. I mean, it's oil and eggs.. And eggs are supposed to be awesome in CP.. Well.. I guess I need to get some eggs too while I'm there!

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Yes Cindy.. But all I have is coors light! Sorry DH! I'm taking your beer!

Ok, I'm back.. I got the yogurt (but slightly torked because they only had the plain in huge containers, and it's going to be a waste)

I got the cucumber that DH refused to buy.

I got an avacado.

I got the sour cream.

And even better! I ran by the shop to see if I had any colorants that weren't ruined, and most of them were.. But remember that co-op I ran last year for the colorants from MMS? I kept all the big containers they came in and there's at least 1/4 oz in the bottom of all those huge containers! WOOOHOOO! I keep all the co-op stuff in a different section of the shop than the "secret lab" where most of the stuff was ruined!

Also found a box of peaks samples and one from MMS I had up near the register.. Why in the heck they were there, I have no clue, but now have a couple of fo's again! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we're soaping again tommorow!!!!

Oh, and the mayo soap gelled super quick.. In my slab mold (ala pyrex dish) it totally gelled in less than 2 hours. It doesn't smell wierd or anything yet..lol

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Hey, I know what I'm gonna do! I'm going to make "weird things to put in soap" sets for ya'll..

Anita, Smart Tart,Grumpy Girl and Kaybee.. OMG ya'll are freakin awesome! You all have me smiling from ear to ear! Warm fuzzy hugs all around! I'll be ok.. Within the month we'll be getting our income tax back, and everything will be gravy!

It's kinda weird. I started soaping about 6 months before my shop opened, and I scrambled to find the "perfect" recipe. Then, I took that base soap and made every scent I was going to carry in 12 lb batches - and I didn't take a lot of risks. Couldn't afford to! (money or time) Now that I'm doing 1 and 2 pound batches, OMG I'm having fun again! I'm finally getting to to all the things I wanted to do but didn't have time for!

ETA Kaybee.. She was posting as I was typing!

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