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I ran across Deborahs site about 8 years ago when I first got into melt and pour glycerine soaps. She has expanded so much since then. I ordered some things from her back then and was very pleased with the customer service. I had to call her company a couple of times too with questions and she was very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm glad this was mentioned on here because I had actually forgotten about that website.

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Oh, Candleman. I was going to order stuff from her, until just recently some whole lotta bad news about them on this board.

Nothing good. Not one person had anything good to say about Mabel White.

Believe me, I was thanking my lucky stars that I hadn't placed an order.

If I find the thread, I will pass it on.

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Call me a sucker. I am such an education junkie that at first glance, I was going to order immediately!:embarasse

I want to learn SO BAD, I am totally vulnerable to people like this.:embarasse

Isn't it good that this board exists, just for that reason.

I am glad for both of us that we didn't take that plunge! I was just about to place an order when I happend across a statement on another thread.

Phew! I feel as though I dodged a bullet.

CandleScience is looking into adding a B&B line. I think I may wait. I trust them fully.

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You know I heard all the negativity on several boards...but not specific. However, I will share this with you.


She put this out many years ago and it was a huge help to me at the time. The recipes especially. Through experience I found that this was not the most accurate but at the time it was most helpful.

Mary Lou

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