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Last one...Holy Grail


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Ok, you guys got me so curious about these emulsified scrubs I had to make one. I made the Holy Grail, simply because I could understand the measurements better ( I am % impaired). I reduced the recipe to a 1/4 of the size so I would not have scrub oozing out of my shop, my kitchen aide bowl was still full from a 1/4 of the recipe. I did add a little more sugar and may want more. I scented in Lemon and Almond blend FO, has yellow jojoba spheres. The verdict is out as to whether I like this verses a tradional scrub. I am going to give out 5 4 oz jars as testers. The pick below is going to testers and will not be the final packaging my scrubs go in, which ever ones they are. I got (4 )4 oz jars and a 2 oz jar from this.


Here is a pic of some on my finger tips so you could maybe see the consistency, it is not super firm but does not run




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I used the holy grail today and it is alot more like paste today. There is really no slick feeling at all like trational scrubs. I like it but I want more of an oily feel for me, like traditional scrubs. I am also a huge fan of salt scrubs and really like the one I have finally got to my liking.

We will see what testers say, If they love it I will just add it as a sugar scrub and also have my salt scrub.

Sheri, this would not work in a malibu tube the way it thickened. You could probably try subbing some more oil for the butters and see what happens, plus remember I added more sugar HTH


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I wanted to post and update, per Eugenia's request. I got all my tester forms back and everyone loved the scrub, the only thing they asked is if I could up the oil a tiny bit to make it more slick, which was my thoughts exactly and they other request was to make in 16 oz jars which I already planned to do. So I revised the scrub and increased the oil a tiny bit. I really do love it now that I have been using it for the last several weeks. I made it in LLC and Pink Sugar this week...YUM...I packaged it in 16 oz deep style jars with the straight style lids...love the look

Just a note I noticed when making this, it holds a lot of air for several hours. The first time I put it in jars only 10 oz went into the 16 oz jars, but when I went back about 8 hours later and stirred the scrub it shrank and I was able to fit 16 oz in the 16 oz jar...YEAH...I hate when I can't get the amount that is supposed to be in there in, so the next batch I did I let it sit for 10 hours then came back and stirred and then packaged and now the full 16 oz fit perfectly

Here is a pic of the new packaging and a sample label



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I have found I get more of an oily feel by subbing out osome of the oils. I am not a huge fan of castor oil so I lower the % and add macadamia nut oil. I also do not like coconut 76 as it just makes the scrub solidify very hard and paste like. So for my oils and butters I use olive, castor, AKO, macadamia nut, mango butter and shea butter. It does not turn to paste, but does set up. It is much easier to scoop out and it leaves a nice soft feel to the skin. My friends and family love it. I must say I need bigger jars as they go through it like water.


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