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New for the curing rack


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Ok, this first one is Coconut Lime, first time CPing it, it did want to rice a little but I beat into submission, it also accelerated super fast and began turning to soap in the pot and I had not added my reverse swirl yet...so I dumped it in mold and then attempted to swirl in the mold, here is what I got, not much white at all, but that is ok. The one thing that did worry me is that my lye water looked different than normal, it was thicker. I am going to be watching this batch very closely and testing the heck out of it. I did not get many air bubbles with the thick blob as I thought I would. This is my basic recipe with raw silk added. Colored with aqua mica from MMS. I also used a huge water discount and may have contributed to the faster accelerate

1st pic enitire slab


2nd one is slab cut into 3 loafs


This is the soap cut, you can see a air pocket in the front bar on the right, this pic is more representative of what the color is





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very cool lookin soaps!

What kind of mold is that??

You don't even want to know LOL Let's just say it is the of the homemade brand. The mold I was using had a boo boo so I had to use a box, but it is almost the same size as the mold and worked perfectly, thank god I have about 10 of the same box until I get hubby to make me some

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