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can I


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castor oil

grapeseed oil

sweet almond oil

tea tree oil

vit E

I have seen all of these at a natrual foods grocery store but they are very pricey.

As far as where to buy there are many places you just have to go to them and decide what you are wanting to pay for them. You might look at the co-ops as that is the cheapest way to buy your oils.

Look at all the suppliers:


Cocoal Butter can be bought at Walmart in the area where hair products are sold. It comes in a tub and a tube.

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The cocoa butter you can purchase at Walmart has other added ingredients though, so you need to take that into account. ;)

I'd never even seen REAL cocoa butter until last week when I went in on an order with someone here, what a surprise it was, since I had been using the Palmers cocoa butter for years on scars and such, before I started making B&B products.

A lot of people say you can buy Coconut Oil at Walmart in a big tub, but they don't have it at mine, of course!! :rolleyes:

I've only ever been able to find, olive oil, safflower oil, lard, and castor oil at any local stores here. And the castor oil was at Walmart and it comes in the tiniest bottles and it's pricey for it's size IMO.

I DO know that like TexasBrat said, you can get a lot of these oils at your local Health Food store but they are usually waaaay more expensive than from buying online (even with shipping costs).

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Your local health food store might have many or even all of these, but it's only worthwhile to buy from them if you are only needing a few spoonfuls of each item. Because that's how they're sold - in small quantities. If you're needing more, you'd have to buy several containers, and it would get very expensive.

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Check the local grocery store. I found grapeseed, safflower and a few others like seseame, olive, and a few funky ones like carrot oil (I think) I might play with at some point. I couldn't find castor locally. I had to get it at WSP. Try a bulk food store or a restaraunt supply store for lard, soybean, olive, seseame oils and salts (for scrubs). I got a 50 lbs box of lard for $17. I can't seem to find the butter locally.

I couldn't find sweet almond locally. I got some at WSP and some in a co-op.

You can get vitamin E capsules at any drug store or walmart. They also have the oil at WSP but it is pretty pricey.

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