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do i buy to diff. oils and ingredients for making b&b stuff?

anything i can buy locally? I just got in some bath salt, and citric acid from a company.. i have no idea what to do with it.

i am interested in trying an acne face cleanser i saw listed in recipe section,

and maybe bath salts and bath bombs, possibly body lotions and sprays, not ready for soap yet. is that a lot of diff. ingredients?


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If you're not ready for soap, I wouldn't really suggest lotion. I personally find lotion much more difficult than soap. Lotion made from scratch requires sterilized equimpent & work space, plus strict preservation since lotion can mold easily.

Bath salts & bath milk are pretty easy. You can use epsom or rock salt & powdered milk from the grocery store. You can also get the baking soda for bath bombs. Just make sure you use skin safe fragrance oil.

As for which suppliers to use, there's a list here:


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