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Bohunks without butter


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This was my first time making a scrub, so I don't know if it's technically "good" or not. I used a modified version of Bohunk's, with no butters, because I didn't have any.

10% E-wax

15% stearic acid

71% liquid oils (almost equal parts of peanut, safflower, and olive with a tiny bit of castor)

1% Cetyl Alcohol

2% FO

1% Phenonip

I took this pic last night right after I made it, so it wasn't completely hardened up. The red & yellow specks are colorant. Accidently used the waterbased... Scented mango papaya. I used it last night, still don't know if I like it or not.


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Donna~ you will have more butters than you can stand in a few days

Actually, no, thank goodness I won't. CindyM is going to be doing the packaging for me, since I chickened out & was afraid I couldn't do it alone. LOL! *many many many big hugs to Cindy!* :yay:

It's like a normal scrub on the skin (creamy & scrubby), but it rinses like a lotion. Which I know it's supposed to, but I'm just not sure if I like that aspect or not. :rolleyes2 I'm not a big fan of lotion anyway though. It always seems slimey to me.

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