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my 2nd CP UPDATE: with cut pictures


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[ATTACH]4514[/ATTACH]this is my second batch of CP

I used some TD...but i couldnt get the TD mixed all the way in ..you can see in the pic some tiny spots of the TD

its scented Mandrine Plum

sorry the pic isnt the best...

its made with olive, lard, coco, castor & shea

Well it smells GREAT..and looks good all but the specks you can see...its the TD I could not get it mixed in all the way...darn! Is the soap ruined? will those specks hurt your skin??

Thanks for looking and giving tips...thinking Im going to make another batch today!



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WOW that's purdy!! :D

Hey what's TD??

Oh and I don't mean to be a nitpicker, but I notice that you've been spelling the scent wrong-it' MANDARIN (man-der-in is how you say it). ;)

I can't wait to see that cut up, love the color you chose for it, it fits perfectly.

GREAT JOB! :thumbsup:

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That looks mighty pretty! Your swirls look great! I was having some issues with mine not gelling either, but if you leave it overnite, I did find that it will happen, just some take alot longer than others. As long as you have it covered, and wrapped well! As someone once (ok, more than once) told me, it will gel when the soap fairy decides that it wants too, LOL! I am impatient as can be too, so I took one or two of mine and did CPOP with them, LOL! Can't wait to see them cut girl!

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The spots aren't that bad at all! And they'll rub off white in the shower, so it shouldn't be bad at all! (Now, lumps left in UM blue will streak ya with blue, and it's quite funny)

Lovin your swirl! Cut off a little piece or use a scrap or something and see if you like the soap on your hands!

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