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Weekend Soaps


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Here's what came out of the soap pot this weekend. The pictures aren't the best because I took them on the dining room table without adequate light, but they give the general idea. The first is lavender and clove EOs swirled with a little titanium dioxide and lavender color in a non-colored base.


This one is scented with Sweetcakes Lilac FO. By the time I got done I thought I'd pass out from all the lilac, but thought it might sell this spring when I'm going to do my first ever craft show. :) I soaped very cool, but the FO really accelerated and it was a race to get the colors in the top layer.


Thanks for looking. :smiley2:

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WOW that first swirl is just unbelievable-it's soooo perfect and beautiful and love the light color of it, and and and...... :D

The second one though is beautiful too, I love how you did the layers and then added the different colored swirls to the top, very creative.

I like lilac anything, but I agree, when making something with lilac FO it's just waaaay overpowering. :eek:

VERY NICE JOB!! :thumbsup:

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