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where can I find

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Found this and so much more....thank you for everyones help!!!

The recipe for the bohunk scrub that is posted in the pic section? Is it a scrub, looks like it. I did a search and only came up with the pic topic. This is all I need is something else to try:rolleyes2 oh well it looks devine though I cant help myself;)


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Here's what I have:

10% e-wax

8% stearic

14% butters

1% cetyl

2% FO

1% phenonip

1.5 oz sugar

Someone, and for the life of me sent me this one: Thank you!! I cannot remember your name, but this was a great recipe!

25% butters

60% oils

6% cetyl

6% e-wax

2% FO

1% Preserve

Soften butters and whip with the oils. Melt cetyl and ewax. Let cool and drizzle over butter and whip. Add Preserve, FO and sugar.

I also just made one with FBB, mango oil, shea butter and some other oils and was SO impressed. It looked just like the strawberry cool whip in the commercials! LOL once I colored it pink, of course!


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I found this and much more!!!

I am going there and the wisk also...and even looking in the archives...I'll find it somewhere I am sure...plus I am already finding all kinds of other goodies;)

lordy lordy I am going to have to get a bigger notebook;)


Thank you for your help everyone...I have found this recipe and sooo much more!!! Cant wait to try some out and will post some pics after I do!!!!

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they sound about the same to me, hopefully someone else will come on here if there is a difference and let us know. One recipe I found just said use stuff like "Liquid oils, choice of butters" the other one actually told you what oils and butter....other than that they sounded the same to me.


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