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how do i add shea butter to my recipe..


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...and then recalculate the lye ;)

Ya.. I took that part for granted.. Thanks for the reminder!

It'll take a little.. I had thought about taking the 5% from your castor, but it's already pretty high in hard oils, and I didn't want to make it any higher. With that much palm, it'll trace pretty quick already, didn't want to make it more of an issue for you!

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I did the same thing with the calculator, lol! As Bunny said, the numbers in the right block are your combined for your recipe, the individual % is for each oil that you add, so whenever you want to check out a certain oils qualities/fatty acids then click on it, and it will show up in the left column. Works for the fatty acid section too!

I made a batch with some shea, and it did reduce my bubbly lather some, however it upped the creamy lather :smiley2:

Quick question on the lard/palm thing. I understand that these fall hand in hand, with one being animal and one being veggie. Is there a problem with using a few % of palm with the rest being lard to make a bar harder? Just curious to see if this is normal or if I am just being difficult, lol!

Lard feels great in the soap though. I am still really new too, and I have been using the heck out of lard! Good Luck and let us know how it turns out!

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Not stupid at all! You should have seen me when I first started! I looked at soapcalc one time, cussed at the screen, and then went right to thesage! I was scared!

You'll learn a lot about the individual qualities of a bar by looking at the individual oil numbers!

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ok so I dont need to pay attention to the individual but to the combined...so with the shea its at 19 is that good

Sorry dont mean to sound stupid..lol but I just donr know

Which calc are you using? With plugging your recipe in I got:

Hardness 40

Cleansing 14

Conditioning 57

Bubbly 23

Creamy 26

That is with adding the 5% shea and reducing the palm to 35%. If you don't object to using the lard as Bunny suggested it changes a few things by reducing the hardness a little, upping the conditioning, and bringing your bubbly and creamy the same.

All that said, I can read the calculator, however I don't know much about making soap, lol! I am still playing alot, and really paying attention to the soap qualities and trying to find a balance that I am happy with!

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