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I wanted to introduce myself to you guys and say hi. I am a software developer living in Birmingham, AL. I haven't made my first candle yet, but it seems interesting from what I've read so far in that it would explore both my technical and creative sides (same with software development). When I go into a store my eye is automatically drawn to the things that I can't afford (or wouldn't pay that much for), and wouldn't you know it... my initial interest seems to be in soy wax... seemingly the most finicky wax around from what I've read!!!

I've got my EL Millenium wax to try and am waiting on my FO and colorant for my first candle(s). Actually I think I'm going to try only FO for my first candles and skip the colorant due to what I've read about the problems inherent in coloring soy (again, from what I've read).

Well, we see how it goes... I'm sure I'll keep you guys "posted":)

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HI and welcome to the group!! I have been trying my hand @ soy too,,thought I would just dive right in,,I have been a paraffin user for a long while but just felt I needed to start testing Soy to add to my line.<( gonna take a longgggggg while,,,,,LOL. Jason from Golden Brands, a real great guy,,,,I use their GB 415 and I also have GB 444 both container....Geekrunner is a really awesome guy and is a VERY good Soy man!!! (Giggle),,,I love making Pillars the best but ya need variety!!! And I will shut up now,,,,:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

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You have no idea what you're getting into! :P Ha - just kidding!

I'm pretty new as well and this soy candlemaking thing is truly addicting. It's so satisfying when you actually make a candle that performs like you want it to. Good luck and have fun with it.


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