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I need some book reccommendations

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hello everyone I am new around here but did not see an intro forum so Hello! :yay:

I need a list of books that would be helpfull to buy. I am looking for ones that have great instructions for beginners and up to date info on different waxes/techniques. so if you can think of any great titles or perhaps the books you use as reference at home please post=)

I understand that if I want to make some of the more creative candles using soy/vegtable waxes will not always be possible, but I would like to stay as natural as possible=)

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A couple of good books are a great start. The Complete Candlemaker by Norma Convy covered safety, additives and what they do, the basics of containers, molds, etc. It will give you a handle on terminology and techniques. You could check out your public library. Would give you a chance to see if the book has the info you are looking for before buying. Once you decide on the book(s) you want, check Amazon.com. I bought mine used there for a fraction of the cost. Just be sure to get a book that covers safety.

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