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Soy Pillar Wax suggestions and Wicking Pillars?


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Hello everyone,

    I recently made my very first pillar candle and I love it! I used pillar of bliss wax and a large dog silicone mold it is so stinking cute.  I would like to make more molded candles but wish to stick to natural waxes. I have played around with BW-921 in wax melts and tarts but I have been unable to get good hot or cold throw from this wax and after reading reviews it seems like this is something others struggled with as well. I know it wasn't the FO because I used sea salt and orchid from CS and I have never had any problems with that FO in anything else. 

Is Freedom Pillar wax any good? I was hoping to get some wax suggestions from all of you! 


When I selected my wick I just measured the middle inside of the mold like I would a candle jar and chose my wick based off my wick guide. Is that how you do it or is there other things I need to take into account when making pillars? The mold I used is larger at the bottom and much smaller at the top how do you select a wick when working with a mold like this? 

Ultimately I know I need to test but just hoping for some input from more experienced candle makers so I can make better decisions for my testers. 

This is a whole new ball game for me so any help would be greatly appreciated! 





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I don’t know of any soy based pillar after the discontinued EcoSoya  Pillar Blend. For pillars and novelties I lean to beeswax personally.

when wicking novelties, and pillars, you’ll probably want to underwick to prevent wax blowouts during burns.  They take a long time to test fully.  

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