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Advertising / Advertisement / Marketing Strategies... what do you do?


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I would love to find out what everyone does to market their candles (or other scented items), generate sales, and bring traffic to their websites? I was searching the forums for a similar thread but it seems like the latest thread is a few years old. I'll start with what I do and I'm hoping to get what you guys do for online sales or local sales, what has worked and what hasn't.

My Current Marketing... I mostly have YouTuber's advertise my candles. The candle is the "payment" for the YouTuber so no cost comes out of my pocket except the cost of materials and shipping. This strategy does have limitations though so I can't solely rest on this.

What I'm Developing... I'm currently designing an email newsletter. I hear this is one of the best ways to generate revenue for an online business. I'm not the most natural creative writer so I've been putting this off for a while. Necessity has forced me to finally get out of my comfort zone and do what I should have been doing with email marketing.
I'm also looking into selling local at craft fairs. Looks like craft fairs won't start until April though.

What I've sort of tried in the past... Instagram: it is hard and tricky to generate followers plus I think a little bit of luck is involved in getting your social media going. I can't use Instagram paid ads because the app sends me an error code and glitches out every time I try to create one.
Facebook: similar to Instagram except I was finally able to create a Facebook ad. I paid $14 for 160 likes, 3 comments, maybe 3 people visiting my site, and no sales.

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Another strategy I forgot to mention. Whenever possible, I price my items rounding down... whenever possible. For example, rather than pricing a candle at $30 I'll price it at $29.00. There is evidence that consumers tend to perceive such prices as being significantly lower than they are actually. We are all familiar with this because everything on the planet is priced at 9.99, 19.99, 29.99, etc. It works apparently.
People also make decisions, on a subconscious level, when they see a smaller number in the first digit of a price. For example, people like $29.99 better than $30.00 because the "2" is a lower number than a "3". It's only a savings of 1 cent, but it's viewed as a much lower price.
This is also true for sales but in the opposite direction. It's better to say someone is saving 20% rather than $19. Conversely, it is better to say someone is saving $30 than 25%.

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